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January New Moon Astrology

by Julie H on 01/14/2010

By Julia Hultgren

With the New Moon in Capricorn on the 15th of January we may all be thinking, “so much to do, so little time.” This month our ruler is asking for an outward show of accountability.  The solar eclipse acts as a spotlight, beginning a cycle for the next 18 years.  This spotlight focuses on dignity, beauty and material resources, and reminds us not to squander or overlook that oh-so-precious resource, the resource of ideas.
Eclipses are the most potent change energy of the zodiac, and right now we are in the middle of two.  At last writing, the lunar eclipse in Cancer directed us to domestic water, and Mercury and Mars were headed into retrograde, reminding us that reflection and introspection are better for us now than charging blindly ahead.  When the January New Moon occurs, Saturn, the ruler of the chart, is stationary, poised to go retrograde. Mercury is also in a stationary position, collecting energy to go forward on the following day. Alone, either of these is occasion for great insight.  In combination, on either side of the solar eclipse, they hold particular augury.

Our messenger is in the huddle with Pluto, who is ready to talk. In the interest of going forward, Pluto wants a restoration of dignity and respect. When all is considered (and relevant parties are taking the high ground), Saturn in Libra has a ken for this, and along with dignity, adds balance, equal footing, and fair share to the list of conditions for the upcoming encounter. This seems like a simple game plan, and we would be smart to heed the call. We will need to have the conditions set and well exercised for when the Titans meet in the spring.

Meanwhile, both the eclipse and the north node of the moon are elevating Venus to first string where she joins the heavy hitters for this auspicious beginning of this 18 year cycle. Often Venus is relegated to the ranks of inconsequential players or designing the uniforms, just adding a bit of superficial beauty here, and some extraneous fluff there. Venus in Capricorn is not just some babe to be taken lightly, and reinforces the call for decorum, and respect for material resources. And, after too many gritty years, bringing grace and a code of honor to the forefront will be a relief to us all.

The New Moon groupies are hooking up with the eclectic third Titan, who is currently removed from the fray, partying on the sidelines. The luminaries shake off some of their Capricorn stuffiness, charging their aura with that special electric chemistry only Uranus can provide. It will become ultra cool to follow the rules.

And what of that retrograde Mars from last month? He’s off in the international finance and banking sector, minding his own business. But by the Full Moon on the 30th, we’ll be asking ourselves, “Who thought it was a good idea to leave that wild child alone?”


Julia Hultgren has been a practitioner/student of astrology for over 30 years. She was an avid student of noted Chicago astrologer, Doris Hebel. In addition to basic astrology readings and charts, Julia reads and teaches planetary indications for soul mates, life purpose and monetary aspects. She also reads and teaches charts of relationships, called synastry. She is a graduate of the Weiss Institute, where she was professionally trained in Past Life Regression. She has been meditating for 13 years and has had many profound and happy experiences becoming reacquainted with spirit, while investigating altered states over the years. She has lived in Colorado Springs since 2001 with her husband and 4 children, has an MSW, and also utilizes EMDR, hypnosis and mediation in her practice.

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