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A Miracle is an Inside Job by Robert Schmalstieg

by Liz Herschberger on 11/08/2013

Review by Liz Hershberger

A_MiracleIsA Miracle is an Inside Job was written by Robert Schmalstieg.

I believe that inside us is all the knowledge needed to have a wonderful human experience. Accessing the knowledge at times becomes difficult and we must look outside ourselves for resources and guidance to find answers. I definitely had quite a few Oprah “Aha!” moments reading Robert Schmalstieg’s book,  A Miracle is an Inside Job: One Desire Thought and One Belief Thought Starts the Process.

Arranged into 21 short chapters, each ending with a Summary, Prayer, and Affirmation, Schmalstieg has created an amazing book explaining not only the miracle, but all the components behind it. From Intention, Law of Attraction, Energy, Connection to Source, and how everything is intertwined and must work together, the reader is taken on a beautiful, easy learning journey.

His use of language and stories of reference are well-placed and meaningful. What I really liked about his book is the concepts were presented so well that I was not confused and could easily grasp his meaning. I like the fact he took a complex subject and made it so accessible to the layman.

“The knowing, that you create your reality through your beliefs and the level of Connection to Source, can be life changing.”  Definitely, when we look for guidance outside ourselves and find the right resources and answers, it can be life-changing.

“A Miracle is in the eye of the beholder.” – Robert Schmalstieg

Private Label Publishing
Colorado Springs, Colorado
ISBN: 978-1-61888-017-8
Author Website:


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