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The Heatbreak of Mother Earth

by Debra Frick on 01/28/2009

By Debra Frick

If you listen in the twilight you can hear the mother scream,

As toxics and poisons are dumped in her streams,

Mining and Burn Scars across what once was a beautiful face,

Rivers of rain pummel ting down leave their trace

Homes sliding in rivers of foliage and mud,

Mother Earth is angry and calls in a flood,

Why do we build where we know we should not,

It is her way of foiling our plot,

Birds fly through toxic darkening skies,

Human’s pushing so far that her precious animal’s homes die,

Molten red belches out of the mother’s heart,

We rape the land why did we even start?

The living sea made with salt and minerals just like us,

We take its living creatures until its soul has gone bust,

Tankers spilling and soiling what we should hold dear,

Not enough oil for our cars is the only thing we fear,

Earthquakes shake and we curse our fate,

But we put off finding earth friendly ways until another date,

Every one has forgotten the spirit of the land,

And only a just few have tried to make a stand,

Chemicals and waste dumped indiscriminately,

Rivers of dead and dying fish are what we see,

The mother cries for she sees it all,

Killing the very land we live on will be a greatest downfall.

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