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This is a site where we honor the life work of the women around us - our mothers, grandmothers, sisters and daughters. Without them there would be no past, present or future.

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On a cold, snow day what better book to curl up with than, Richard Lamm’s “Brave New World of Healthcare.”  While it may not have been your first choice, it has been on my “Must Read” list for a while. The gist of the book is how medical costs are fast out-pacing our government’s ability […]


The Colorado Springs Balloon Classic

by Debra Frick August 31, 2012 Coming of Age in Our 50s
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By Debra L. Frick The air is cool and crisp on my cheek as I walk into the park. This will be my family’s 32nd year of waking up early and going to the park to watch the most beautiful sight in the world. Over the years it has become a family tradition and a […]

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Coming of Age in Our 50s: Enough is Enough

by amy May 15, 2012 Coming of Age in Our 50s
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A Post-Mother’s Day Rant Sunday was Mother’s Day.  After talking to my women friends who husbands and children forgot the day or treated it as any other day, I decided to type about it. As women, we deserve to have one day to be recognized for the work we’ve done.  Giving birth is not easy; […]

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The Blessing

by amy January 20, 2012 Current Events
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Because of our hopes for your healing, we have had the directory blessed as it came off the press; and again at delivery and before the debut.

How ever you believe or don’t believe, this blessing is for you, the reader.

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Coming of age @ 50: Just Say No to New Years Resolutions

by amy January 14, 2012 Book Reviews
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First, it’s been a while since I’ve written.  My day job took precedence over my passion of writing. Second, I am so not going to write on New Years Resolutions.  In year’s past I’ve made resolutions that I’ve kept or NOT.  It seems pointless to make promises that are set up to fail. That’s why […]

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