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This is a site where we honor the life work of the women around us - our mothers, grandmothers, sisters and daughters. Without them there would be no past, present or future.

Our Sisters, Our Community

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Gone but Everywhere

by Debra Frick on 09/25/2013

By Debra Frick There are so many women that His-Story has left.  Thanks to Debra, we can retell Her-Story. Audrey Marie Munson My name is Audrey Marie Munson, I am gone now but My soul was adventurous and fun, But in New York City you will see me everywhere, Yes my face is always there, […]


The Word, Witch

by amy October 31, 2012 Coming of Age in Our 50s
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Ever wondered why a witch is portrayed with a misaligned nose, humped back, and gnarled fingers? This is what a woman looks like after she’s been beaten and there is no Emergency Room physician to reset her nose, broken ribs, and smashed fingers. In all probability, this crippled woman in the black dress with the […]

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Food & Fire

by amy June 27, 2012 Our Sisters, Our Community

From the editor The USDA released their food safety tips in anticipation of the upcoming hurricane season for families living on the coastal areas this morning.  Because food safety is important for those being evacuated due to the forest fire near Colorado Springs, I’ve adapted this information and combined it with one of the FSIS.  […]

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The Best Day Ever

by amy May 28, 2012 Coming of Age in Our 50s
Backyard Fort

My sister thinks I’m crazy. I’m sitting in the fort in her backyard typing. The fort is where our girls played so many years ago. Now I sit, feet dangling way above the ground, with pad in lap, drink nearby, typing and breathing in the neighboring barbeque scents. This is the best day ever. I’m […]

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Coming of Age in Our 50s: Enough is Enough

by amy May 15, 2012 Coming of Age in Our 50s
Appropriate MDay Gift

A Post-Mother’s Day Rant Sunday was Mother’s Day.  After talking to my women friends who husbands and children forgot the day or treated it as any other day, I decided to type about it. As women, we deserve to have one day to be recognized for the work we’ve done.  Giving birth is not easy; […]

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