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Our Bodies, We do Love Them

 Vegetarian: the Best Ever Recipe Collection was written by Linda Fraser.  If you are looking for recipe ideas during the holidays, this book is recommended by Michele. My clients often look for recommendations if they want to start cooking more vegetarian meals. I have an extra copy of Vegetarian: the Best Ever Recipe Collection to loan […]


Potato Bean Chowder

by Michelle Mukatis March 23, 2011 Current Events
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By Michele Mukatis Realizing that it’s national nutrition month and realizing that people need to be able to stomach nutrition (pun intended), here’s a way to improve your diet without stressing about reading labels and counting calories. We all know that eating more fresh fruits and vegetables is good for you. Did you know, however, […]

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Food of the Month: Cabbage

by amy November 6, 2010 Recipes

By Michele Mukatis 1st Publishing in the November Cultivate for Health Newsletter When it freezes In the fall, cabbage is abundant and sweet.  Just steam it quickly and eat it sprinkled with a little butter or toasted sesame oil. Cabbage is easy to grow, but takes a while to mature, so it’s best started indoors […]

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The Perfect Gene Diet – Excerpt from the Foreword

by amy October 28, 2010 Autumn of Our Lives
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This is a new book brought to us by Wayne Dyer and Pam McDonald. (Courtesy of Hay House)  Pam is an integrative-medical nurse-practitioner who offers insight into the nutritional aspects of High Cholesterol, Weight Problems, Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s…and More! We’re profiling this book as part of our senior focus – Going into the Autumn of […]

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Feed Your Skin

by Sherry Dell July 14, 2010 Women's Health Issues
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By Sherry Dell, PhD, CN (first published in “I am the Allower of my own Wellbeing,”a natural health newsletter We seldom think of it, except perhaps for vanity’s sake, but our skin is the body’s largest organ of both nourishment and elimination.  This makes your skin one of your most critical components of health. It […]

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