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This is a site where we honor the life work of the women around us - our mothers, grandmothers, sisters and daughters. Without them there would be no past, present or future.

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by Denny Stockfeld-Strong The picture was taken in Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala at the market.  The bag that the chicks are in was slung over the shoulder of a man at the market.   Denny is a vibrant, joyful woman. She has a passion for capturing the natural beauty – both simple and profound – that […]


And, So It Begins

by amy December 29, 2012 Artwork


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by Kimberly Sharples July 22, 2012 Artwork

 RAPUNZEL Artistic photograph of Sara at the park in Old Colorado   This is one of my favorite photographs by Kimberly Sharples.  I’m so grateful she shared her prize winning picture  with our website.

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Moon above the trees

by paul July 22, 2012 Artwork
Thumbnail image for Moon above the trees

  This was the view from our yard the night that the Wetmore Fire began.  The haze around the moon is from the smoke. Photo by Paul Porter

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The Duck Pond

by amy July 22, 2012 Artwork

Sunday Morning at Nancy Lewis Park in Colorado Springs.   INDIAN MAIDEN Artistic effect on a photograph taken of a Native American

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