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Coming of Age @50

It’s been awhile since I’ve thought about my car accident.  I still get angry when I do.  In my world there is no such thing as an accident.  We create.  We manifest what happens in our life. Still, it’s hard to believe that we consciously co-create a car crash to figure out our lives or […]


Coming of Age @ 50: Puppy Training

by amy June 6, 2011 Coming of Age @50
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At lunch on Thursday, my friend, Nanette, the dog trainer said that the best way to train a puppy is to watch Super Nanny.  Most of the problems that any dog has, is symptomatic of the family. How well I know that one.  Over a year ago, when we thought our greyhound was dying, we […]

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Coming of Age: What Not to Get Me for Mother’s Day

by amy May 5, 2011 Coming of Age @50

With Mother’s Day around the corner, I couldn’t resist commenting on the new Charlie Sheen doll.  We’re probably the only site that hasn’t mentioned him. A friend sent me the link for the new doll ~ hopefully in jest.  Something about being 50 and needing a little excitement.   Was she wrong!  Or maybe at […]

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Coming of Age: Loosing an Old Friend

by amy February 21, 2011 Autumn of Our Lives

My husband often reminds me that times are changing.  That the younger generations don’t want to read print pubs.  Life is all about the Internet.  Instant information! So today’s post is about honoring the passing of another magazine, Mothering.  It too has entered its Winter phase having ceased to publish. When our girls were small, […]

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Coming of Age @ 50: Body Bank Accounts

by amy February 2, 2011 Building Self Esteem

We’ve spent the last month living up to (unrealistic) resolutions.  Last week we started talking about giving back to ourselves.  Nuturing ourselves so that change happens gently and realistically. Nattalie Lussiter, who I just adore her common sense approach to life (Must be an old sole in her young body!)  talked about giving back to […]

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