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On a cold, snow day what better book to curl up with than, Richard Lamm’s “Brave New World of Healthcare.”  While it may not have been your first choice, it has been on my “Must Read” list for a while. The gist of the book is how medical costs are fast out-pacing our government’s ability […]


Three Book Events in 1 week!

by amy November 24, 2013 Book Reviews
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Usually, the highlight of my book search is going to the Library in between appointments and checking out the new titles and old classics.  This week there were Three Book Events that tempted me to read again! It started with Michele Vandepas speak about book launches.  If you haven’t heard her talk, you are missing a […]

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Our Autumn Reading List

by amy September 22, 2013 Book Reviews
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With the season turning to autumn, it’s time to make a list of new book titles as well as old favorites that Paul and I want to snuggle up with on chilly evenings to read. Our book shelves are filled with eclectic titles written by authors whom we met at INATS (International New Age Trade […]

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The Walk-in Debuts October 1

by amy September 12, 2013 Movie Reviews

Scott Blum who is one of my favorite authors has a new movie debuting on October 1.  It’s called The Walk-in which he wrote and directed.  Since I’ve read all of his books, Summer’s Path, Waiting Autumn and Winter Moon Rises, I recognized the story line. The movie centers around a young man who is […]

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We are Part Way Through

by amy March 27, 2013 Holidays & New Moons
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We are part way through the lunar month.  Today’s is full moon; yesterday (really the night before) began Passover; and before that the Spring Equinox.  For those of us who were busy with spring cleaning, we might have missed the significance of this lunar month. Melinda Ribner did an incredible post 2 weeks ago detailing […]

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